Smart Car Tipping, and How It Has Affected Car Owners In the US

Smart Car Tipping

Whether you call it madness or fun, smart car tipping is a reality that car owners have to deal with -- especially if their cars are lightweight. It's not hard to imagine a group of individuals lifting a 3,500 pound car effortlessly, before flipping it on its side or roof. Again, it's not a surprise that these vandals are taking this behavior right into your backyard, where you've parked your beloved car in readiness for the day ahead.

You see, up to now, even the authorities haven't discovered the motive behind smart car tipping. Maybe the culprits intend to have fun whenever they do this. Or maybe they are simply jealous people who can't stand the site of a car parked in the neighborhood.

But regardless of their reasons to participate in smart car tipping, authorities say the offense is considered felony vandalism, and one could be charged in a court of law if found guilty.

Just like a normal car accident, smart car tipping can have a serious impact to the car owner. The car in question might encounter structural damages hard to repair. It's common for the front and rare windshields to shatter during such incidences, and these are all considered costly repairs that the car owner should be responsible for.

The Early Beginnings of Smart Car Tipping Incidences

Smart car tipping is not a new phenomenon in Cities across the US and elsewhere. For instance, in the recent years starting 2009, smart car owners in Amsterdam and Canada found themselves victims of the vice. And it appears that the culprits shamelessly did it in public, when everyone was watching, because soon afterwards, a public Facebook page emerged, showing a clip of how this happened. The page has since been brought down.

The Spread of Smart Car Tipping

The malice has since spread to the greater parts of the US. We all remember a wave of smart car tipping incidences occurring through the month of April towards June early this year (2014). The culprits simply hurdled around a small car to lift and tip it.

In the month of June, San Fransisco also witnessed the same incident. However, it's not clear whether the culprits were brought to book or not.

Could Your Insurance Provider Bring Some Relief

Definitely your typical insurance cover will never take care of such vandalism. So it's highly advised you go for a comprehensive insurance package that takes care of such problems, whether related to traffic issues or not. That could be one of the safest measures to take when you want to avoid losses that come with smart car tipping.
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