6 Tips on how to avoid vehicle theft this holiday season

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It is also a prime time for break-ins and theft. It is therefore very important to ensure that you protect your car well to avoid vehicle theft

avoid vehicle theft
avoid vehicle theft

In this article we are going to give you tips and tricks that can help you avoid vehicle theft this holiday season. 

1. Always leave a light on. 

One of the best way to help avoid vehicle theft is to always leave your lights on whether you are at home or not. Empty houses are usually prime targets for burglary and by leaving lights on even if there is no one present in the house, you can fool the thieves into thinking that you are still at home.

2. Chose a well-lit area.

Whether you are parking on the street or in a garage, it is very important to park your car on a well-lit area. To avoid vehicle theft, park under street lamps or garage security. Thieves are less like to target your car if it can be seen easily.

3. Pay for the monitored lot.

Another good way to avoid vehicle theft this holiday season is by paying for the monitored parking lot. When you pay for a monitored parking lot, your car will be watched 24/7 by security guards who are well trained to guard vehicles. Avoid vehicle theft by parking in a lot that has security guards and make sure that one will be in attendance the whole time your car is parked there.

4. Always lock your car.

Forgetting to shut down the car’s windows, sunroof and locking the door when leaving the car is actually one of the main reason for car theft. Even if you are leaving the car for only few seconds, it is always advised that you lock your car and don’t leave the car’s engine running. Also don’t forget to take the key out of ignition.

5. Don’t leave valuable on display in the car.

A recent research showed that content theft make up high percentage of overall car crime. To avoid vehicle theft, it is recommended that you don’t leave any of your valuable on display in the vehicle. Popular targets include: laptops, cell phones, bags and jewelers. Valuable items add incentives for a thief to steal your car so lock valuable items in the trunk or take them with you.

6. Ensure that your car has a good alarm system.

To avoid vehicle theft, you must ensure that your car has professionally installed alarming system that will notify you immediately if someone tempers with it. The alarm should be laud enough to make the thief uncomfortable. Investing in a good alarm system can really help to avoid vehicle theft this holiday season.
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